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Serving the Christian Community and people searching for truth with reasons for faith and apologetic tools. We exist to help people understand, embrace, and contend for Biblical Christianity and "the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints." Drawing from the oft-quoted words of Marco de Dominis (d.1624), “In the essentials unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity,” Essential Christianity distinguishes between the Christian teachings which are foundational and necessary, in contrast with those preferred, or merely permitted.

Essential Christianity is the outgrowth of the teaching ministry of Jim Schaedler, who became a Biblical Christian after leaving the Roman Catholic Church as a teenager in 1973. Much of his ministry experience came from planting Christian churches among the Mormons in Salt Lake City, Utah during the eighties and nineties. He has traveled extensively teaching the essentials of Christianity in the U.S. and internationally. He currently lives in Corona, California with his wife Jocelyn. His passion for the local church continues as he assists his son-in-law Jason and daughter Candace to plant a new church in Salt Lake City in the fall of 2019.

Salt Lake City Church Plant News

For more information on the new church plant Courageous Church in Salt Lake City, Utah - click here!

Established in 2018, Essential Christianity is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. All contributions designated for specific projects shall be applied to those projects, and we may assess up to 10% for administering the gift.